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We continuously believe and follow the principles of Kiazen

  • Teamwork
  • Personal Discipline
  • Improved Morale
  • Quality Circles, and
  • Suggestions for Improvement


The process takes approximately 1 hour and will cost you nothing! But it could save you a lot! This involves one of our experienced expert's visiting your facility to help identify possible savings and process improvements in areas such as:

  • Transportation 
  • Damaged Goods Returns 
  • Storage Costs 
  • Automation Opportunities 
  • Labour Costs 
  • Packaging & Process Costs
  • Design Packaging 
  • Materials Management


We consistently strive and focus on delivering quality products. Therefore, we adhere to Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) ; a process which investigates and solves problems, identifies causes, takes corrective action and limits recurrence of the root causes. The ultimate objective of CAPA is to assure the problem is never  experienced again. CAPA can be applied in many disciplines. A few of these disciplines are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Product Design
  • Testing Verification and Validation
  • Distribution, Shipping, Transport and Packaging
  • Use-Applications

ISPM-15 Certified Wood

ISPM-15 and Why It’s Critical for International Shipments

One of the most important exporting terms used when talking about wood crating compliancy is what’s known as the ISPM-15 mark or bug stamp.
Many countries require the ISPM-15/bug stamp certifying that lumber used to fabricate wood crates and pallets for export shipping have been heat-treated to meet their specific regulations. Some even require that all bark be removed from the lumber before the crate is assembled. This is critical to avoid foreign pest infestation into new environments damaging fragile ecosystems. Certified crates and pallets clearly display stamps on each wood panel to easily distinguish proper treatment to customs authorities.

Pack Universe is compliant with the standards required for building wood crates and pallets for exporting to countries that require ISPM-15 wood.

Stamping And Documentation Provided

Our heat-treated wood products are clearly marked with the "HT" stamp and a specific number that is mandatory for international export under ISPM-15 regulations.  Proper documentation will always accompany the wood crate or pallet used to ship our clients’ items.

Wood Blocking and Bracing

Any and all lumber used inside a crate or shipping container for securing product needs a dunnage ISPM-15 stamp. At Pack Universe all of our lumber used is compliant with ISPM-15 regulations.

At The Foreign Port

Once the crate arrives at a foreign port, authorities can trace the pallet back to the origin location to confirm the crate meets heat treatment requirements.

Our location is certified and has over a decade of international shipping experience, ensuring that pallets will deliver without incident.

What happens to shipments not meeting ISPM-15 standards?

Wood containers and pallets of any kind and their contents will either be fumigated or destroyed at port if they do not meet the foreign country’s specific requirements. 

International shipments need professional knowledge to avoid costly damages or a total loss. In addition to customs documentation and ISPM-15 stamping, Pack Universe also provides numerous delivery options including dock to port and dock to door solutions, depending on the client’s needs.  We’ll make even the most complicated international shipment stress-free.