Case Studies and Research




A renowned company in the domain of Solar Panel Manufacturing wanted Pack Universe to design and manufacture for him a customized packaging solution to ship his products safely to his clients overseas.


A few of the guidelines given were 

  • Increased Pack Strength
  • Increased Number of Panels Per Pack Remove as much Wood as Possible Increased Cube Utilization



When a Glass Company wants to cater to clients beyond boundaries, the biggest challenge they face is the risk of damage during transportation. This is also why most companies of such type are reluctant to explore the e-commerce space.


Challenges to overcome for this client were 

  • Increased Outer Durability
  • Increased Damage Protection 
  • Increased Packaging Efficiency Decreased Assembly Time

Problem Statement

The packaged glass material needed to be protected against damage during transportation through freight.



"Overall an excellent experience and would definitely recommend Pack Universe to anyone planning to relocate now or anytime in future."

Satish Sridharan


"It was a such an impressive experience from end-to-end. Mayank Sinha, "

DY Group Manager IBM

"Pack Universe is an Outstanding Service provider with End to End Solution of Packaging."

H S Patel || Head Project Development Reliance Cement


"I am highly impressed with the professionalism and passion of people in this company. I am proud of you all.                  Keep it up."

Mr. Shantha Raju, CEO, INDUS Towers Ltd

The Solution - Case Study 1


Our commitment to design improvement continues as our customers’ requirements evolve. Testing continues as we challenge the basic pack components. We are exploring ways to decrease cost further without compromising structural strength.


Increased Efficiency

Our elaborate design process increased panels per pack from 30 to 50, bringing an overall 65% accession in efficiency.

Increased Value

The innovative solution rendered costed lesser than standard 30 panel packaging solution used previously.


The Best Solution - Case Study 2


Our domain expertise combined with the zeal of innovation enables us to think outside the box and curate packaging solutions that are most appropriate for each scenario. The packaging solution consisted of well-engineered CNC Profiles strategically placed at determined impact prone areas amongst other things.


Cost Efficiency

Our new methods of packaging, with increased sturdiness still costed 20% lesser than previous.

Reduced Breakage

The client is now establishing good market share with an increased reach of their business. 

Research and Design


Our company boasts having its very own box making facility. We design and create the perfect pack for every scenario that contains, protects and promotes your product in the most cost-effective way.  

Our experienced Sales and Design Team are always on hand to give you the best possible advice. You can reach to one of us dropping us a line on the contact page. 


If required you can discuss your packaging project directly with our Design Team. We always encourage our customers to visit us here at our site in Indore/ Pune to get involved with the design process.